Have you ever heard the quote, “The best place to die is on a roller coaster, at age 95?”

You deserve to live life to the fullest, well into your golden years. But how do you make sure you can get there and have a body and brain in good shape? At Carter Chiropractic, we offer anti-aging and longevity programs so that you don’t have to accept dysfunction, pain and limited mobility as a part of enjoying more candles on your birthday cake.

An Inside-Out Process

Most people think of anti-aging as something that comes from the outside. Creams, lotions and potions make billions every year, claiming to erase years from our faces. But what is reflected on the outside of your body – the appearance of your skin, hair and nails for example – all depends on how healthy your body is on the inside.

Chronological Vs. Biological Age

You know how many years you’ve been on earth. But do you know that your biological age can be different from your chronological age? The amount of stress your body bears directly affects the aging process. The process of growth and renewal gets outpaced by the degeneration process, meaning your cells can no longer repair themselves.

Up until age 25-30, your cells are in a growth and renewal phase. Then, the process of cell turnover begins to slow down, outpacing the process of building up new cells. That doesn’t, however, mean it has to be inevitable. Even well into your 50s, you can enhance that growth process and make it just like it was in your 20s.

Pain Is Common, Not Normal

You’ve spent decades hunched over a desk in a cubicle. You eat convenience food, drink coffee all day and before long, your body begins breaking down. But your buddy in Key West who eats fish out of the ocean and grows food on a vine with plenty of time spent outside doesn’t seem to age. What’s the deal?

You head to the doctor’s office and get a prescription for painkillers or muscle relaxers. You take them every day and figure, “Hey, this is normal for most people my age.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Get Your Testing Completed

At your first appointment for anti-aging/longevity, we’ll determine your biological age with tests like examining brain function, cardiovascular function and level of fitness. We can perform additional testing such as on your gut health, digestion, intestinal permeability, hormone imbalances and deficiencies in certain nutrients.

The Six Pillars of Health

When we get your tests back ,the results are studied extensively to determine which lifestyle changes you can benefit from. You’ll discuss each of the Six Pillars of Health:

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Gut health
  • Liver detoxification
  • Exercise
  • Spiritual health

You’ll get individual recommendations on each of these factors and can feel confident that it will be right for your body.