You never want to have a concussion. If you play sports or have a child who participates in activities, you know there is always a possibility of injury occurring. At Carter Chiropractic, we provide baseline testing and post-concussion care to help you return to a state of health quickly. We are a certified and trained SportGait.

Brain Health Evaluations

Adults and children who come in for a physical to participate in sports have a brain health evaluation completed, also known as baseline testing. With this test, we get a baseline reading that can be used in the event of a suspected concussion. After the event, the testing is performed again, then compared to the initial testing done to understand whether you have a concussion and if so, how severe it may be.

Evaluations Done On the Sidelines

If you’re in the game, you don’t want to be taken out unless absolutely necessary. We can perform an evaluation quickly while you’re still on the field to determine if you can return to play or need to be taken out. If you fulfill the criteria of having a concussion, you can come to the office for further testing to determine the effect on the cognitive and motor function of the brain.

Assessments and Support Post-Concussion

If you have had a concussion, you need to recover afterward. In our office, we’ll work on your balance and coordination, training the synchronization of eyes with your body movement and more. We’ll combine physical medicine and rehabilitation with nutrition and neuromuscular rehabilitation, recommended based on your specific functional neurology.

The nutritional advice you receive will support the healing of your brain, such as getting certain B-vitamins that are important for brain recovery and neurological function.

Rehabilitating Your Injuries

Whether you’re an adult or child, a concussion affects the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The Vagus nerve is the largest in the body and is responsible for the feedback loop between your brain and nervous system. If you experience problems such as a change in smell, taste or touch or a sensitivity to vibration or sound, we can rehabilitate you.

We’ll work with your team physician, family physician, orthopedist or neurologist to co-manage your case and make sure you get back to health as quickly as possible.

What Happens During a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can have a devastating impact on your health. It can occur from a car accident and other various forms of trauma. Think of the collision that happens in a car accident. A shockwave is sent through the soft tissues of the brain, which have the consistency of Jell-O. It breaks apart the nerve fibers in the nerves. Your brain hits the inside of your skull, then bounces back. Your spinal cord, brain and brain stem are pulled into the base of your skull, which can cause a concussion.

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In days past, doctors would recommend you go home and lie down in a dark room. Thanks to scientific research, we know that a concussion won’t just get better on its own. You need to find the right place with a qualified professional who understands how to rehabilitate your injury.

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